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"Aurora" Russian Navy protected cruiser (1:400) View larger

"Aurora" Russian Navy protected cruiser 1:400 (40001)


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ARK models. Code AK40001. Scale 1:400, unpainted and dissembled.

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The cruiser "Aurora" had been under construction for 7 years from 1896 till 1903. A participant of Russian-Japanese war, the cruiser was one from the little quantity of the ships, which had a happy opportunity to be left whole in the battle of Tsushima. In a period of the First World War the cruiser "Aurora" took an active part in the battle in Baltic Sea within the 2nd Brigade of cruisers. In the night on October 25 (November 7), 1917 "Aurora" was shooting from her bow gun. It was a signal to begin the storm of the Winter Palace, what meant the beginning of the October Revolution. With the beginning of the World War II the cruiser "Aurora" and her crew protected Leningrad. During all the period of the Leningrad blockade in 1941-1944 "Aurora" was in the port of Oranienbaum (Lomonosov) and she was constantly under shooting, but she fired on fascists. In 1948 the cruiser "Aurora" was moored to Petrograd's quay in Leningrad as a training base of the Leningrad Nakhimov Naval School. In 1956 a museum was opened in "Aurora". In July, 1992 a St. Andrew sea-military flag was raised on her. The cruiser was modernized many times within her more than 100-years service. The model reproduces the appearance of the cruiser of 1941.


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"Aurora" Russian Navy protected cruiser 1:400 (40001)

"Aurora" Russian Navy protected cruiser 1:400 (40001)

ARK models. Code AK40001. Scale 1:400, unpainted and dissembled.


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