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WH40K: Orks Zodgrod Wortsnagga (50-50)


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Manufactured by Games Workshop (UK). Game system: Warhammer 40000. Ref.: 50-50.

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Scale28 мм (1/56)
Type of goodsFigure
Product lineOrks

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Ork warbosses are usually stationary for only two reasons. One is when they are giving an enemy – or an unlucky grot – a good hiding, and the other is when they are shouting at their Boyz to give the foe a good krumpin'. The Big'ed Bossbunka provides the perfect place to holler from given its bosspole, which is outfitted with a very loud PA system.

Constructed from the head of a repurposed Ork Gargant, the Big'ed Bossbunker gives your Warboss a way of directing the many rowdy Boyz under his command. If they misbehave, or if anyone attempts to unseat the Warboss, they will need to contend with a slew of shots from the Big'ed Bossbunker's big shoota and the Gaze of Gork – a weapon constructed from a jet engine that has been bashed into one of the Gargant's eyes.

This multi-part plastic kit is comprised of 27 components, and can be assembled into one Big'ed Bossbunker. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.


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WH40K: Orks Zodgrod Wortsnagga (50-50)

WH40K: Orks Zodgrod Wortsnagga (50-50)

Manufactured by Games Workshop (UK). Game system: Warhammer 40000. Ref.: 50-50.

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