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Pay for goods by one of the following ways:

1. By credit card by service The payment service supports not all countries of the world and not all types of cards. Also, not all banks, card issuers support payment in Russia.

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2. Payment by PayPal (To order value when paying through this system is added 5%).

3. Through the payment system Western Union

Prices on the site are in rubles. When you pay an order by credit card or via Paypal, then you will be charged your local currency at the bank rate, and our shop will get a ruble.

Payment details will be sent after approval of order.


Delivery of orders is carried out worldwide

Shipping cost is about $ 20-25. The final shipping cost is calculated with the concurrence of the order.

Warning! Delivery time in the United States may take up to three months. This problem of the postal service or customs in the United States. We put immediately notify our customers. Please after order not to burden the store with questions. All responsibility for the delivery of the goods lies with the customer.